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Read what our clients have to say about MOR

"Great job from beginning to end."
- Jeanne & James

“Thank you very much for the great work you did for us & your attention to detail. It was a real pleasure to be a customer of yours!”

- Sandie & Kevin

“Thank you to you and your staff for courteous, dependable and professional service! The crew that cares for my property is outstanding on every level. Please compliment them for me. I look forward to seeing them in the spring. Meanwhile, I will be praying for your continued success.”

- Kathleen Talbot 

“I have appreciated all MOR has done for us and find their work to be exceptional.”
- Mark Washington

“From the start they listened to my needs and shared my vision. Their work ethic and commitment to my company is commendable.”
- Brenda Derr – Pioneer Homes (Millsboro, DE)

"Dear MOR Construction Services Team,

I am writing to express my family’s sincerest thanks for all of the help you provided to us last week when we discovered that a pipe had burst underground at the foundation of our home.   Brian personally answered the phone when I called at almost 5pm on a Saturday night,  and he came out to assess the damage within 20 minutes of my phone call, and his crew was here an hour later working through the night (until 3:30am) to repair the burst pipe, since it was an emergency situation (very impressive and appreciated!).  Their tireless efforts saved our house and lawn from further distress.  Without their knowledge, expertise, and truly caring attitudes, we would have been lost.  They were truly the one bright spot in that whole nightmare for our family! 

This amazing crew quickly discovered and repaired the massive leak in the front wall of our home which had also cracked our foundation.  Because of their hard work, we were able to immediately fix this huge problem, mitigating any further damages and thus sparing our family an even greater expense or risk of structural defect down the line if the leak had had time to cause further damage to the structure of our home. 

The MOR team was a blessing in our lives, and we will continue to use them for any and all of our needs in the future.  Customer service like that is a rarity in today’s society, and to have a team of people who genuinely care about you and want to help makes going through such an ordeal a lot easier to handle.  And Brian was amazingly awesome about communicating to us exactly what they were going to do and why the problem was occurring.
Additionally, they helped with things not listed in their job description, such as power washing and scrubbing the splattered mud off of our garage door and porch, without ever being asked to do so, because they are such genuinely nice people.

All of these things underscore for us what a truly caring team of professionals MOR Construction Services really is.  There really are no adequate words to describe how much we appreciate their hard work, dedication, and caring attitude about our family and our situation!  We just love them and are so thankful for all that they did for us.

Our Sincerest Thanks, Gina"